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Celtic Kanan is above all forged for the stage, he draws on Celtic roots without being locked into this style. The group evolves through pop and folk music: a modern mix that diffuses a vibrant energy. 

a Celtic music concert, with Celtic world music musicians, flute, violin, tin whistle, drums, bass and Irish bouzouki

An overview of the group

in some videos and music

Dax Fair:

huge memories...

10,000 “hot” people coming to party… we must not disappoint them!

A joy to share so much energy with them. A great tour souvenir for the whole team including Fred who films... 

Clip" Whose fault is it SO ? "

Because poetry lets you get angry while smiling!

When director David Vieillefon proposed making the video for the song "Whose fault is it SO ?" with plasticine characters, the group laughed at first, but very quickly his idea imposed itself on everyone. team as appropriate.  The topic of road deaths was difficult to tackle! The result: theThe apparent lightness of the images and music counterbalance the violence of the words and give even more strength to the message.

A theme that touched Celtic Kanan closely and because we have to do something with the pain and if possible something positive!

Tall Ship, Toulon :

huge memories...

The meeting of the biggest boats in the sailing world, crews from all over the world, thousands of visitors and all of this takes place in Toulon. A magnificent celebration. This extract is a standard of Irish music "The foggy dew" which we adapted.

Celtic Kanan adapts music, songs and a repertoire of traditional music that he mixes with a pop-folk sound...

Whiskey in the JarCeltic Kanan
00:00 / 03:33
Le Renard des Mers (Surcouf))Celtic Kanan
00:00 / 04:18

but also plays his own compositions...

A committed repertoire that takes a poetic and light look at heavy subjects, such as road violence or the systemic concreteization of coastal areas. 

Tu vois là basCeltic Kanan
00:00 / 04:11
Charlie BonesCeltic Kanan
00:00 / 03:06

with portraits, stories or characters...

Compositions that make you want to tap your feet, to simply party!

DangloCeltic Kanan
00:00 / 01:33


We wanted a stronger interaction with our audience and also offer a space for sharing and exchange. A place to share with each other, your videos, your images, your moods...

A place where you can talk to each other and talk to us directly.

A group forged for the stage and the party. Energetic music mixed with pop and folk.

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