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Our history

World music plays with borders, labels, merchants and identity complacency. Not that they are not rooted in languages, landscapes, rites, customs, collective ways of living, but because they are shared and essence, it is natural that they sometimes fertilize far from their areas original... 


In the case of Celtic Kanan, it was the mists and winds of the Celtic countries which raged on the shores of the Mediterranean.  Born in the region of Toulon (a military and yachting port in the south of France) almost twenty years ago, the group grew up in this extra-territoriality while cherishing this pan-Celtic musical richness. So over the years and concerts the group has played its card, crossing the styles of Gaelic countries, drawing its own reading, sensitive or epic, of Celtic music repertoires, until acquiring its legitimacy since it is saw him share the stages with big names like Alan Stivell, Carlos Nunez, the Irishman Gerry Carter and Gabriel Yacoub.

“Mer”, their fourth opus, can be read as a well-accepted relationship between a common sea, the ocean which bathes the archipelago of Celtic countries and this Mare Nostrum which naturally brings its share of “sol y sombra” to their compositions. . »

Frank Tenaille

Une mer avec de l'écume visuel de musique celtique

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